My fellow Hygienists,

Hard to believe 2019 is upon us and 2020 is around the corner. Like the old saying goes, “Where does time go?” As I reflected on this it made me think about how things are changing. One change you probably noticed is our new name, Knox Area Dental Hygienists’ Association. To be in compliance with the American Dental Hygienist’s Association we were directed to change our name and logo.

The name Second District maybe gone but our wonderful organization is still active and very strong. We will continue to provide you with quality monthly meetings, continuing education and professional support.

Change sometimes can be difficult, but usually when it’s all said and done it actually can be good. We are looking at this name change as a new era; for us to build on what was good and make it better. We will be establishing a new website, keep you posted on pertinent news via face book and email. Additionally, we will look to improve our role in community health and awareness.

Over my years of practicing Dental Hygiene, I have seen our profession go through changes both wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful. I am thankful to the dental hygienists across the states that have fought for me and you. As I said last year, it takes an Army. We have a strong group of leaders and many great followers but we always desire new members to join our ranks.

Thank you to those who have diligently supported Second District, we hope you will continue to support Knox Area. For the remaining Dental Hygienists ‘please consider joining Knox Area Dental Hygienists’ Association to add your voice. The more voices heard the better that change can occur.

We welcome all of you to the New Knox Area Dental Hygienists’ Association. See you in September! Respectfully,

Kelly Gross RDH.BS

President of KADHA